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The Feeling of Significance!

The Wealth Integration & Transfer System™ (WITS), brings clarity to why, what, and how you want to distribute your wealth with its 3 phase, 8 step process.

Phase 1: Discovery

1)  The Success to Significance Questionnaire™

Allows families to plan their affairs by listening to their souls first, then integrate the financial data! 





2)  The Family Focus Retreat™

Answers to the Questionnaire are discussed, further exploring spiritual, social, and financial areas. These discussions frame the Family Philosophy of Wealth™. 


3)  The Family Philosophy of Wealth™

Incorporates the spiritual, social, and financial aspects into a family “mission statement” that articulates your goals and guides everyone. 


  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it for free here.


4)  The Validation Process™

Constructs the essence of your current estate plan and compares the results to your WITS goals.



Phase 2: Vision


5)  The Asset Value Integration™

Various tools are used to construct a plan that integrates your virtues and values by including your spiritual, social, and financial goals into specific strategies. 



6)  The WITS Report™

Presents a personalized game plan that shows you how to capture maximum utilization of your assets! It includes cash flows and diagrams integrating all strategies. Then, your response to the preliminary report is evaluated and requested enhancements are made.



Phase 3: Empowerment


7)  The Empowerment Process™

Documents are drafted, evaluations are completed, strategies are implemented and all paperwork is reviewed to be sure everything is properly coordinated with your WITS.



8)  The Financial Leverage Analysis™

Reviews various portfolios, investment accounts, foundation accounts, and various trusts to be sure they are performing at the level necessary to accomplish your WITS goals. Updates and enhancements to your WITS are available in order to monitor its performance over time.



This incredible system has been developed by the Financial Independence Group. The capabilities we bring include over 35 years of experience knowing what doesn’t work and what does. The wisdom gained from experiencing many positive family legacies, as described in the book co-authored by Jerry Nuerge entitled Family Wealth Counseling: Getting to the Heart of the Matter, allows us to help elevate a family to a new level of thinking.



Built upon our experience, the WITS allows you to remove risks, target opportunities, and fortify strengths.


Some Risks the WITS removes are:

  • Losing control of your hard-earned wealth

  • Running out of money, especially after large transfers to heirs

  • Corrupting heirs through large inheritances without fiscal accountability


Some Opportunities the WITS targets:

  • Integrating your virtues and values into your estate plan

  • Capturing millions of would-be tax dollars for you to control

  • Maximizing the efficient transfer of your wealth to the people you wish


Some Strengths the WITS fortifies:

  • The WITS Network of Advisors compliments your local planning team to enhance everyone’s confidence that strategies will work

  • Creates an environment that enables you to teach your children and grandchildren the traits that helped you amass your wealth

  • Our wisdom gained from doing personal plans for attorneys, CPAs, bankers, stockbrokers, insurance agents, and major company CEOs brings insight from many viewpoints

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