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Who We Are

The Financial Independence Group is a Indiana Registered Investment Advisor offering comprehensive financial planning services in many areas.  Some areas include:

  • Personal Planning

Because planning your financial future can be complicated, and your set of circumstances unique, it's important that you have the help of a trained and experienced professional. FIG will work with you to help you plan for a future in which your goals are achieved and your dreams become reality.

  • Asset & Income Protection

Life insurance policies are designed with different needs in mind. Whether you are looking for temporary protection, lifelong protection, an estate planning strategy, or cash value accumulation, our expertise in personal life insurance can help you protect what's important to you, secure your future and improve your life.

  • Business Planning

Business owners have special needs. FIG can help you anticipate those needs-whether they are executive bonus plans to attract and retain key executives, or insurance plans to protect you and your partners in the event of death or disability. FIG will work in cooperation with a team of specialists, including your own advisors, to help you develop a plan that will accomplish your specific financial objectives.

  • Retirement Solutions

Our job is to make sure you are financially prepared to enter your retirement years. With the variety of different alternatives available, we are ready to work with you to build a secure financial future for you.

  • Estate Planning

You work your whole life to build your estate, you should have control over what happens to it upon your death. FIG can help you implement a plan that protects your assets from the consequences of estate taxes and ensures that your estate is settled on your terms, not someone else's.



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Regulatory Disclosure
Financial Independence Group (FIG) is an Indiana Registered Investment Advisory firm. FIG does not render investment or financial planning advice through this medium. The information contained in this site is limited to providing you an overview of the firm and its services. Investment advice can only be given or services performed after all of the following conditions have been met:; 1. Delivery of FIG's Form ADV Part II to you. 2. Execution of a Letter of Understanding by you and the firm.

Other Disclaimers

The information at the Financial Independence Group's web site is intended as general information only and not as specific investment advice. The communication of information and the receipt of information from this site and those connected and maintaining this site does not and is not intended to establish a client relationship. The information in this site is based upon data gathered from what the firm believes to be reliable sources. It is not guaranteed as to accuracy and is not intended as the primary basis for investment decisions. It should not be construed as meeting the particular needs of any individual. Visitors to this site should not act on the information found at this site, but should seek professional financial counseling relating to his/her specific matter(s). While staff at the firm would be pleased to speak to interested parties, the firm is not interested in representing anyone who is selecting an adviser based only on the information contained at this site if this information does not comply with the legal and ethical requirements of the reader's state or country.  Any reference that might be made to an investment or portfolio's performance is based on historic data. One should not assume that this performance would continue in the future.

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